Thursday, April 14, 2011


Feeling the need/ want to blog in heaps lately is sort of odd. It almost feels like the old days where I'd make dumb little depressing blogs about everything on my mind, how I straightened my hair for an hour and hated the place around me. 15 years old with too much angst back then, who knows. Guaranteed: this blog wont have any of that garbage. Anyways, back on topic, this is my fella friend Mary Scott, a thrift store adventurer and Vancouver kid who exceeds in being socially awkward (which is a good quality these days)...  We've shot together once and I look forward to the next- hopefully sometime near the end of the month. It will be prepared and definitely less rushed. I love shooting someone with class like this. This will be fun and free. la la la. Shots for shots.

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