Tuesday, December 13, 2011


So, I'm laying in bed and decided to post about the newest stump in my life. A broken ankle-. Dec 5,2011
  Skateboarding last week with a friend, dark quarter pipe = bad idea. Ended up breaking my ankle on impact and it bent in half like an L. One of the grossest things I've ever seen. We waited around for the ambulance for 40 minutes before realizing... it probably wasn't going to come any time soon. Hopped in the back of my friends car and off to the hospital we went. When I finally got checked out and had the x-ray I was told I needed surgery and was going to be spending the night in the hospital. Great.
  Surgery happened Saturday afternoon, including a plate and screws. Had to spend another night at the hospital for healing.
   As of now, I'll be out for 3 months, but am hoping for a quick recovery. Work misses me and I miss work. I also miss walking. Also, going out and shooting isn't much of an option. Stuck healing with some crutches to hobble around! Staying positive is the main focus I guess.  My follow up appointment is on the 14th.
Won't be updating flickr/ facebook/ blogger as much as usual, but once I'm back on my feet I am definitely going to shoot my heart out. (photos of course.)