Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Floating ideas

I've been thinking about doing a photo project for a while now, dealing with complete strangers I meet on the streets as the main subjects. Something has always fascinated me about the connection you can gain with anyone, anywhere, at any given time. The idea of connecting with someone through a camera and a simple idea is beyond compelling. Whenever I've roamed the streets of Vancouver or any city in the Okanagan, I've always seen a few people who would have been great subjects for this plan and made me wish that I had my camera or the guts to even face them.  This idea was Greatly inspired by Benoit Paille's "Stranger" set, which can be viewed here .
   Deciding that this will be an interesting and challenging way to work with people.. Who knows who I'll meet and the stories that could come from these experiences. This project will be ongoing and continue to develop with time. I hope to get this ball rolling and keep it going where ever the road takes me. Let's hope I don't get into too many dilemmas along the way...

Here are a few sampler shots I've taken that got me rolling with the initial idea-

Photos: © Brandon Artis Photography 2011

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